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There’s a lot to do with Tunefly. Navigate the app easily through a colorful layout and view posts from the people you follow or browse by category. Follow and connect with other users who have similar musical interests. Check the Charts for popular posts, new users and more. Find posts inspired by official Tunefly Artists and directly Request a post from them through our Artist Directory. You can even become a Tunefly Artist yourself! Tunefly is all about discovering and collaborating through music, and there’s many ways to do both.

There are three types of music lovers that will get the most out of Tunefly: Artists can now have a platform for recognition and exposure and a way to build and interact with a fan base. Hobbyists can have fun and share their talents with friends and family. Enthusiasts can use Tunefly to discover new music, create customized playlists and socialize with other music lovers.

From home recording to the worlds stage. Introducing Tunefly.

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